Updates and Shadowing Part III

11 July 2008

Alright…so for the past few days I’ve been ill enough where I actually felt the need to sleep during the day. That doesn’t happen very often, so hopefully the lack of an update hasn’t kept the three of you who read this wondering where I was. But anyway, that was just a quick update on where the hell I’ve been for the past few days.

So before I got sick, this past Sunday, I went to the ED and shadowed for three hours. I would’ve liked to stay longer but I had other comittments (one of the few graduation parties i’ve actually had a really good time at so far). But despite only being there for a few hours I got to see a few interesting things, most medical, but one of the most interesting things was seeing the new residents in their (I think) second week.

So I was only there for a few hours, and it was a bit ‘slow’ but I did see some pretty cool things.

Shoulder dislocation – Oh man. The patient came in with a dislocated shoulder (his fourth or fifth) from playing basketball and you could see the pain on his face and hear it in his voice. This wasn’t made much better by the attempts to fix the shoulder while he was still awake. An older resident and one of the new residents attempted to move it back into place.  This didn’t work so they had to anesthetize him and then do the procedure.

Coxsackie Virus – Patient had been diagnosed with Coxsackie virus and came in generally just feeling sick. She was photophobic, tired, and generally felt unwell. The pt had symptoms of Coxsackie. There were sores on her mouth that were characteristic of coxsackie.  This patient was the last I saw before I had to leave, so I never got to find out whether she was admitted or discharged and with what treatment. But it was an interesting case, and the attending I was shadowing suspected viral meningitis.

It was a pretty good day, and even though I was only there for a little bit, I got to see some cool things. So  now I’m up to about 18 hours of shadowing in the ED and I’m really liking what I’ve seen, even the midnight – seven in the morning shift. It’s obviously too early to decide what specialty I eventually want to go into, I haven’t been exposed to enough to know for sure, but EM is definitely a possibility so far.
Peace out.


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