Who cares if they are innocent?

16 July 2008

Guantánamo Bay, Cuba…what a lovely place to be incarcerated indefinitely, especially if you’re not really an “enemy combatant”.

From the Washington Post:

A CIA analyst warned the Bush administration in 2002 that up to a third of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay may have been imprisoned by mistake, but White House officials ignored the finding and insisted that all were “enemy combatants” subject to indefinite incarceration, according to a new book critical of the administration’s terrorism policies.

Well, isn’t that nice. Does this not demonstrate that Bush is in no way after justice?  How can we keep turning a blind eye to this, saying that this prison is legitimate, when even the CIA is saying that there are a lot of wrongful imprisonments occuring? This is anothers sick display of the Bush Administration’s arrogance. They just KNOW that all of the prisoners at Guantánamo Bay deserve to be their indefinitely, or else they wouldn’t be there in the first place. The logic is clearly impeccable.

Now, we all know that the President is a big fan of the line “listen to the commanders on the ground”. Well have I got news for you Mr. Bush.  The top military commander at Guantánamo Bay, when told by an analyst that up to one third of the detainees were wrongfully imprisoned stated that “even higher percentage of detentions — up to half — were in error”.  But alas, this administration is playing the role of monarch, not executive.  Cheney’s staff director, David Addington, makes this completely clear when he states that “We are not second-guessing the President’s decision. These are enemy combatants”.  No review of evidence necessary. The President and his staff just KNOW that these guys are the “worst of the worst”, despite all the evidence to the contrary, presented by the governments own agencies.

This mindset permeates neo-conservative thought. Whether it be their admant opposition to true sex education in favor of abstinence-only “education” (which has been proven to be very ineffective, at best), or their insistence that each prisoner at Guantánamo Bay is a terrorist ’cause Good Ol’ George says so. The arrogance of these people, to think that they can just close their eyes and wish the evidence away, is stunning.  It’s a dangerous mindset, but it’s one far too many Americans wish to embrace.

Welcome to the Kingdom.


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