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New Song Demo

21 June 2008

No title yet…

Just recorded it in my “home-studio” aka my room.

All the parts in this recorded demo were played by me, but live they would be split between me (vocals, guitar) and julie (bells (on a keyboard?)) and my laptop (guitar solo, recorded by me for a backing track and shaker track).

More lyrics will be added later I think.

Vocals are a little rough same for shaker and bell tracks…

Here it is: (No I) Don’t


June 20th Show

20 June 2008

So, I just got home from my show at Mocha Blend Café…and, well the place wasn’t too busy, which was slightly disappointing. But at the same time, it was kind of nice to have a small crowd (aka my dad, julie, and her family plus a few others) to work out the kinks in things.

That said, there were a few things that went wrong: My effects processor/tuner ran out of batteries which wasn’t such a big deal, but was unfortunate because it was the only thing I didn’t buy back-up batteries for. Such is life.  That said most other things went well, I forgot a few words, but nothing huge, except my extended intro to New American Classic because the first line escaped me…But other than that, and not being able to hear myself in the monitor, things went well. My voice was decent, especially for not being able to hear myself too well.

So, here’s the set-list, which I ended up playing out of order as well as skipping “Road to Joy”. To make up for that I played an extended version of “Hallelujah” with an extra verse from the Leonard Cohen version:

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June 20th – Show at Mocha Blend Café

15 June 2008

This friday I will begin my summer series of shows in the fantastic upstate New York at Mocha Blend Café. The show starts at 7 pm and will go ’til around 9 pm. I figured I’d let everyone know as well as give you guys an idea of what you’ll hear. So in the spirit of knowing what you’re in for, here’s the rough draft of my set-list for the night:

(All songs without artist listed are original material)

First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes

Kristina She Don’t Know I Exist – Catch 22

Undone (Sweater Song) – Weezer

L’existence précède l’essence

The River – Bruce Springsteen

Mr. Bright Side – The Killers

Adam’s Song – Blink 182

El Scorcho – Weezer

We Are Nowhere and It’s Now – Bright Eyes

Sitting by a Stream (of consciousness)

Butterfly – Weezer

I Miss You – Blink 182

Pacing the Cage – Bruce Cockburn

New American Classic – Taking Back Sunday

Holiday in Spain – Counting Crows

Feeling Kind of Blue

19 Years Old

Peur du miroir

Lua – Bright Eyes

Hurt – Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash

1234 1234 – Catch22

Blame it on the Tetons – Modest Mouse

Camisado – Panic at the Disco

Mr. Jones – Counting Crows

American Skin (41 Shots) – Bruce Springsteen

Cease – Bad Religion

Don’t Know When But A Day’s Gonna Come – Bright Eyes

You Never Give Me Your Money – The Beatles

The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot – Brand New

If I Ever Leave this World Alive – Flogging Molly

With God on Our Side – Bob Dylan

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen (based more on Jeff Buckley’s version though)

Of course, I might add or subtract a song if I feel so inclined. That should be more than enough to keep people entertained for 2 hours. Hope you can make it!