Why I hate the media…

1 July 2008

Okay, so the new GI Bill has passed which I think is great…and apparently so does George Bush. Whatever. But when our dear leader spoke on this and thanked the Legislature for the bipartisan support and all that crap he usually spews he also thanked one of the most outspoke opponents of the bill for working so hard to pass it…

He thanked John McCain! What the fuck? John McCain is on record as being against this bill, but now this soundbite can be repeated and John McCain now magically becomes instrumental in the passage of the new GI Bill the he opposed and Obama supported.

And I don’t really believe anyone is taking Bush to task over this.  We’ll see…

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Happy 150th Anniversary!

1 July 2008

150 years ago today, Darwin’s and Wallace’s papers were read at the Linnaean Society in London.  This was the first time that the idea of natural selection was presented to the public. Despite the many non-scientific  challenges to the theory (Scopes’ trial, Dover trial, the film Expelled), the basis of much of our understanding of biology is based on the idea of evolution through natural selection.  While we understand much more about how selection occurs, as well as how genes play a role (things Darwin did not really know about) in heredity, the foundation for a great deal of modern biology was laid July 1, 1858.

So celebrate!
And if you want to read more, here is an excellent summary of why today is significant: The Beagle Project


Ah, I love some good pretension in the morning.

30 June 2008

Read here: Bob Dylan as a bad lyricist?

I’m fairly certain this whole article comes down to: Oh no, my precious art-form has evolved beyond the structure of the 16th – 19th century, therefore whoever takes part in modern/post-modern art-forms is untalented.

So Bob Dylan fans, what do you think?


Most ridiculous news segment ever…

30 June 2008

Okay, so I was just watching MSNBC and the upcoming segment is about how the economy is making it difficult for billionaires/wealthy millionaires to fill up the gas tanks on their super-expensive cars.


This is what we’re talking about when a war funding bill was just passed? Holy shit. I am sure that these rich people are truly suffering because they can’t drive their Rolls-Royce every single day of the week…I’m actually a bit appalled.


Blog Negligence

29 June 2008

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog lately…but honeslty, I just haven’t had much to write about in my personal life, and I’m drained from all the political bad news. So here’s an open thread, post about whatever you want in the comments and see if we can get a discussion going?

Peace out


Let’s Make This Permanent

26 June 2008

Check it out: FISA Bill Blocked Temporarily



25 June 2008

You know that website Conservapedia? Well someone has taken the time to make the URL http://www.ignorantopedia.com/ point to Conservapedia.

I love it.